American Console Vocal Chain
American Console Vocal Chain

American Console Vocal Chain

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This is my $2 preset offering aimed at the magic of API.  

You will ideally want to have a Condenser or Tube Condensor Style mic for this preset.

This preset pack comes with 2 vocal presets based off of the legacy and newest modeling of the API console by UAD. It Additionally has a few great simple Aux Effects plugins loaded up and ready to enable for some creative sauce and inspiration. 

This pack was designed as my go to starting point for vocal tracking. Which means the insert effects can be used on the way in or in monitor only mode for better flexibility later. 

Plugins used in this bundle include:

API Channel Strip Collection, Teletronix LA-2A Collection, Galaxy Tape Echo, Precision Delay, & Lexicon 224



This pack contains:

Vocal Presets
Two new vocal presets based around the API Console sound. 
◆ A Legacy lower DSP Preset
◆ The new complete API Plugin, with the additional output modeling.

Suggested Microphones to use with the presets 

◆ Condenser
◆ Tube

Aux FX Presets


◆ 3 different Aux Effects Vibes ready to go.

Installation guides are available on my Youtube Channel. All presets are intended specifically to be used during tracking into your DAW via console. 

Apollo Interface Required. Make sure your UAD console is running on 9.14 or newer.