Mentor Sessions

Want to learn audio production quicker? Have a bunch of questions?

Let's catch up online for a 1-1 mentor session with you! 

Use the Calendly Widget below to find a time that works best for you.


Here are some basics on our 1-on-1 event: 

  • I’ll typically start sessions 30 min ahead of time at no charge.  This is to ensure that our connection is up & running smooth before we start. 
  • I use a program called “LANDR” to do all my video conferencing. This is free to setup and all paid features are included when you join one of my sessions.  Visit www.landr.com to setup.
  • Their "Sessions" plugin is required to share DAW audio. Please install before hand.
  • The video chat service works best on Chrome or Firefox.
  • If you wanna share mix files, please ZIP them ahead of time, along with any Melodyne files needed etc. Share via your file sharing service of choice.  I have logic, studio 1, & Luna.

If you need something specific, please email me at stevekinney.one43@gmail.com. 



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