Console Classics Sessions Pack - Artists & Songwriters

Console Classics Sessions Pack - Artists & Songwriters

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This is my inaugural preset offering aimed at the "legacy plugins" that ships with all Apollo Interfaces. 

Whether you have a vintage u87, modern SM57, or a budget condenser mic, with this pack, you are ready to create your masterpiece.

This preset pack comes with 15 main presets across Acoustic & Electric guitar, Bass, & Vocals. Complete with flexible effects routing, you will have timeless sounds good for all genreʼs of music. The ultimate starting point for engineers, artists, & songwriters.

This pack was designed using the Legacy plugins that comes with all apollos exclusively, so you can be sure that you will be able to use every preset.

This pack contains:

Vocal Presets

Handheld Dynamic Style
Broadcast Dynamic Style
Condenser Style
Tube Style

◆ Handheld Dynamic Style
◆ Broadcast Dynamic Style
◆ Condenser Style
◆ Tube Style

Acoustic Guitar Presets

Microphone Configurations
◆ Mono Mic Setups
◆ Dynamic
◆ Condenser
◆ Tube
◆ Stereo Mic Setups
◆ Condenser + Dynamic
◆ Tube + Dynamic 
DIʼd Preset

Electric Guitar Presets

Single Coil & Humbucker presets including
Clean w/ bypassable FX
Dirty w/ bypassable FX
Lead w/ bypassable FX

Bass Presets
◆Finger Plucked Style
Picked Style

NOTE: Make sure your UAD console is running on 9.12.3 or newer