Class-X Tape 800
Class-X Tape 800

Class-X Tape 800

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I once walked into Blackbird & saw they had 4 Studar A800's laying around in a coat closet.. knowing I'd never be able to afford a real one.. I went out and got the UA modeled version and fell in love!

So I figured I'd share my favorite settings to highlight the color options of these great plugins. 


This new "Class-X" pack, is aimed exclusively at the Studer A800, both for UAD-2 & UADx.


Here are the highlights:

  • ALL NEW PRESETS across Acoustic & Electric guitar, Bass, Drums & Vocals. 
  • Presets for both platforms, UADx & UAD-2
  • Window's & Mac Compatible
  • Works across all major DAW's
  • UAD Console is no longer necessary to load presets
  • If you are a LUNA user, the presets will automatically populate in the Luna preset browser window.
  • Pre-Calibrated for -18db - 15db average signal strengths
  • Pre-Calibrated for gain staging, so that A/B' comparison is easier


This pack was designed using plugins from UA's Spark & UAD-2. 



Plugins used in this bundle include:

Studer A800


For a full list of what presets are included, refer to the product images.

Installation guides are available on my Youtube Channel. Class-X is intended specifically to be used during post-production in your DAW. 

Apollo Interface is NOT Required. Be sure to have the latest updates to UAD-2, Spark, & LUNA.