Heritage Classics Sessions Pack - Rackmount Class
Heritage Classics Sessions Pack - Rackmount Class
Heritage Classics Sessions Pack - Rackmount Class

Heritage Classics Sessions Pack - Rackmount Class

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This is my second preset offering aimed at the "Heritage Bundles" that ships with all Rackmount Heritage Edition Apollo Interfaces. 

Whether you have a vintage u87, modern SM57, or a budget condenser mic, with this pack, you are ready to create your masterpiece.

This preset pack includes every preset from the Heritage Classics Desktop Class PLUS an additional new 31 creative presets for a total of 62 new presets across Acoustic & Electric guitar, Bass, & Vocals. Complete with flexible effects routing, you will have timeless sounds good for all genreʼs of music. The ultimate starting point for engineers, artists, & songwriters.

This pack was designed using the Heritage Rackmount Edition plugins that comes with all Rackmount Class Apollos exclusively. Be sure to check out the Desktop Class edition if you're Apollo is a Solo, Arrow, or a Twin. 

Plugins used in this bundle include:

Teletronix LA-2A Collection, Pultec Passive EQ Collection, 1176 Classic Limiter Collection, Pure Plate Reverb, UA-610 Tube Preamp Collection, & a number of plugins included with the analogue classics bundle.


Additional plugins include:

Helios Type 69 Collection, V76 Preamp, Oxide Tape, Teletronix LA-3A, & the Fairchild Collection.



This pack contains:

Vocal Presets
14 additional vocal presets based around 4 classes of microphones, including:

Handheld Dynamic Style
Broadcast Dynamic Style
Condenser Style
Tube Style

◆ Handheld Dynamic Style
◆ Broadcast Dynamic Style
◆ Condenser Style
◆ Tube Style

◆ Plate Verb Aux
◆ Delay 8th note Pong Aux
◆ Delay 4th Note Vibe Aux

Acoustic Guitar Presets
7 additional new, easier to use presets

Microphone Configurations
◆ Mono Mic Setups
◆ Dynamic
◆ Condenser
◆ Tube
◆ Stereo Mic Setups
◆ Condenser + Dynamic

Electric Guitar Presets

6 additional all new presets based around legendary sounds inspired directly by U2, Boston, AC/DC, Sting, & Keith Urban. Compatible with a wide variety of guitars, including Single Coil styles & Humbucking Styles

Bass Presets

4 additional all new bass presets, including two famous recreations based around Lenny Kravits, & Lemme. In addition, 3 fantastic bass sounds that would be great for picked performances or finger picked performances.

Installation guides are available on my Youtube Channel. Console Classics is intended specifically to be used during tracking into your DAW via console. 
Apollo Interface Required. Make sure your UAD console is running on 9.13 or newer.